Are you Eating Your Emotions?

Finally drop weight and love what you see in the mirror.

Find out how with a Complimentary Breakthrough Session

Love Your Body, Love Yourself

I help guide others in repairing the mind body food relationship. And releasing the weight for good. 

Do you...

struggle with emotional eating?

Have you...

tried everything and still continue to yo-yo with your weight?

Are you...

finally ready to see the pounds drop, so you can look in the mirror and love what you see?

From Self Loathing To Self Loving

Listen to Liza tell her story on podcasts and vlogs all over the US. An inspiration to women everywhere, Liza shows us it’s possible to make the changes we need to live our best lives.

  • My experience of "Love your body coaching" with Ms. Liza Lomax was most constructive; first, using video for our weekly interactions was most personal. Her exercises or assignments were helpful and lead to introspective times and thoughts as well as tools to bring to the forefront "problematic" issues/zones. Ms. Lomax made our discussions of these a constructive conduit to positive change in my life as she coached me or served as a "sounding board" to my thought processes propelling me to forward, constructive change.

    Secondly, she brought to my attention many other methods or outlets for further growth from all forms of meditation to EFT and Reiki healing balancing to help in my journey to change.

    Lastly, I needed to deal with "food" issues and her exercises once again were both informative and aids in helping me expose and positively deal with these, especially learning intuitive eating which has helped me to tune in to my own body signals to choose better foods for myself.

    I strongly advise anyone who needs a "lifestyle" coach to open themselves to Ms. Liza's course.

    Good luck in your life journey;


  • As women we think we can do it all. Maybe some of us can. I know I couldn't, I needed help, support, guidance, insight and tools from an experienced, committed Pro in life coaching. Liza has spent her lifetime learning and acquiring experience and tools that can dramatically help others, if you only reach out for help. While we may have family and friends for support, we alone are responsible for our own inner work that helps us shift our lives to a place of greater self acceptance, love and even joy. A peace that we thought might have been out of reach.

    Knowing where to start, and internal self-work can be a lonely and challenging journey without someone like Liza, to help. Liza has many gifts, one of the greatest is complete compassionate listening, the type of listening needed to help another really heal, whether it is challenges related to emotions, relationships, eating, body image, or health. Liza is a gift to those who choose to ask for help, and work with her.

    Ana from Minneapolis

  • Liza has the quote, “I did not change myself. I found myself. I do not look behind me. I only walk towards the future.” This has stuck with me. I’ve learned from her to look into the mirror and state, “Damn, I love my body, I love myself, I love this person I’ve found inside of me.” She’s taught me to not hate treating myself to that piece of chocolate cake I so love. Liza has this glow in her eyes, that says, “Let me help you”. She has done so much for me and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me!


  • I was invited by Liza Lomax to join and participate in a challenge on Facebook entitled "Treat Your Body Kindly Challenge". I must be 100% honest and state that it truly affected my life in a very profound way. We, as women are so incredibly hard on ourselves. The little messages that we play over and over in our minds about how we don't like this or that about our bodies and ourselves are so detrimental to our well being, our self worth and self esteem. The challenge came about at a time where I was at my lowest physically, mentally and spiritually. I have several chronic medical conditions that have really taken their toll on my body AND my mental health. I went from being EXTREMELY healthy to living with constant unrelenting pain daily. I used to work out every single day and felt great 90% of the time. But due to the physical limitations of my disease I was unable to do many of the exercises that I used to do. Consequently I ended up gaining a significant anpunt of weight due to inactivity which led to exacerbation of my anxiety and depression. I knew I was "slipping" into a deep depression due to the lack of movement and quite frankly was mentally beating myself up daily for being what my mind considered weakness. This challenge changed that! I found a courage that I had lost over the last couple years to push myself physically and psychologically. Liza ENCOURAGED self love, self care and to truly learn to love my body again. Through the various tasks and challenges over the duration of the "Treat Your Body Kindly Challenge" Iearned to give myself permission to heal on all levels. I shared some very personal things in the group that I never thought I had the capability to do. But, with the support of Liza and the members of the challenge I was able to achieve a lot more than what I thought I could do! I started exercising again, at my own pace, gave PERMISSION to myself to feel my feelings and face my fears head on, I started listening to, reading and watching my several self help materials I have, I changed my eating habits to a much healthier diet, got my hair cut and colored (which I had put off for a very long time) and took the necessary steps to continue on this path of healing. I cannot thank you enough Liza for the love and support you have given me and the other participants of the challenge. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this amazing transformation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


  • While working with Liza I have gained tremendous insight into the pieces of my life that I have been neglecting. It has been with her positive and knowledgeable encouragement that I have turned a more loving focus towards myself. I am ridding myself of things proving toxic in my life, I am learning to take time out of my day to love myself. It may seem simple but for many it is not and Liza has been there to cheer me on and help me to stay accountable. Her spirit, compassion, and passion to spread the love is a gift that she has to share with all of us! Thank you Liza for your heart!


Hi! I’m Liza

I’m a Holistic Success Expert and I know exactly how you feel.  By the time I was 26, I was told by a doctor that if I didn’t lose the weight I wouldn’t live to see my son turn 5, he was 2 at the time. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and I was border-line diabetic. A friend had recommended I Weight Watchers and in 13 months I lost 105 pounds.

However I still continued to yo yo diet even after that. Some weight would come back on and some I would lose again.


I figured out a way and I can help you figure it out too!

During an Complimentary Breakthrough Session, we will:

  • Identify what stories are stuck in your head that keep you emotional eating

  • Create the vision of what your new life looks like when you lose weight and love your body

  • Chart the road-map to get there

In my program, I have 6 mindset shifts that are guaranteed to work. How do I know this? It worked for me and it WILL work for you.

Now I am not pretending to be an expert. I am going to share the stuff that has been helpful to me, in my life.

In my Complimentary Breakthrough Session, my commitment to you is, I am going to give you everything I can in the time we spend together. And in the end, if it resonates for you, I will tell you how you can get more of it.

Winner of Top 20 Health Coach awards for 2023